4Paws Dog Grooming
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A typical groom
Preliminary brush through
This removes any minor or major knots, tangles, burrs and debris from the coat, enabling us to assess your dog's coat and skin condition

Pre work
Where excessive matting or abundant coat is present this is pre-clipped.
Nails are trimmed and ears cleaned and gently plucked (where required).
Bathing is the foundation of good grooming, to thoroughly cleanse and condition, using only premium quality products chosen specifically for your dog's skin/coat condition.
Firstly patting dry with a freshly laundered towel is followed by the use of a high velocity dryer if needed to remove any excess water from the coat, then using a stand dryer to fully dry the coat.

Depending on your requirements, your dog is then groomed and styled to breed standard or an alternatively chosen style.

What we do

Ear Cleaning
Nail Clipping
Emptying of Anal Glands